P Shaped ConservatoryWhen build space is affordable, the P shaped conservatory provides an opportunity to reach out into your garden and natural surroundings. The P style is adaptable in design and shape to almost any proposed area while achieving an expansive increase in internal floor space.

The P shape is superb at unlocking previously unworkable and neglected external areas, which were nothing more than broken slabs and lifeless planting beds. Furthermore, the P shape is brilliant at extending an existing area, such as a lounge while also providing
a brand new room – all with architectural agility.

The flexibility of the P shape creates generous new floor space and aesthetic value for your family to enjoy.

Anglo offer a range of P shaped conservatories with a variety of design and build options so to create an impressive extension to your home whilst adding living space and value.

P Shaped Conservatory Styles

Victorian P Shape Conservatory Diagram

Victorian P Shape Conservatory

Edwardian P Shape Conservatory Diagram

Edwardian P Shape Conservatory

Gable Ended P Shape Conservatory Diagram

Gable Ended P Shape Conservatory

P Shaped Conservatory Photo Gallery